What are online stock market games

Playing a stock market game is a fun way to learn about the stock market. You can try out different trading strategies, compare your skills to those of other players, and learn how to buy shares, trade certificates, or trade CFDs. We tell you about the best stock market games and how to play them. We also tell you what you can win. The best advice and suggestions are right at the start.

Stock market game comparison - recommendations & tips

The most popular stock market games side by side

In the stock market game Trader from Trading Masters from Excellents GmbH, you win the most valuable prizes. Stock Market Hero gives out prizes like cash and free trades. The Savings Banks Stock Exchange simulation game gives students and kids a fun way to learn about trading stocks for the first time. You can download the stock market game SimVestor from Maxblue as a free app if you want to try out the stock market without having to worry about time or money.

In our detailed comparison of stock market games, we looked closely at the pros and cons of each one. First, we're going to tell you why you should definitely play a stock market game.


You want to try your hand at the stock market, but you're not sure if your plan will work. With a stock market game, you can try out your trading strategies without risking real money. This is because you trade based on real stock market values, but your account balance is made up. Most games don't cost anything to play. The game provider usually gives you nice prizes for playing the stock market game. This is an important part of the game.


In a stock market game, you can trade both familiar and strange financial products and get to know the stock market in a fun way. The goal is to try out different ways to invest, show how good you are against other people, and win some nice prizes. If you fall on the "slippery stock exchange floor," all you've lost is your imaginary money. On the other hand, if your stock market trade is successful, you could win cars, trips, or trading credits worth several thousand euros. Best of all, most stock market games are free, and both new and experienced traders can learn from them.

There are a lot of stock market strategy games you can play online, and it only takes a few steps to join one. If your registration went through, the service provider will give you one or more fake securities accounts with a credit balance that has already been made up. Then you can start trading and see how good you are by using real stock prices.

At the end of each stock market game, the winner is the person who put in the most money. However, some providers offer extra prizes for further placements and draw extra prizes among stock market game players.